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LeBron James has finally done it. After all the harsh criticism, the crippling pressure, Skip Bayless, “The Decision,” losing to Dallas, and all the hate that’s been thrown at him from every direction, at every angle; LeBron has obtained his most coveted possession: an NBA Championship Ring.

STORY: Miami Heat Win The 2012 NBA Finals

Talk “Big Three” all you want, but make no mistake about it, King James earned his ring. Like a man possessed, LeBron fought relentlessly to earn his championship and championship MVP. And his path to the promise land was historic, as the numbers he put up and the plays he made could only be compared to a select few NBA greats.

Most importantly, he denied the haters and doubters from feeling some sort of solace in witnessing the Heat fail. However; it is doubtful that the anti-LeBron crowd will be silenced for good. There are always going to be people that want to see you fail, and that’s not going to change.

But one thing that will change are LeBron memes! That’s right, no more no-ring jokes, and no more 4th quarter jokes. With the birth of LeBron’s first ring, has come the death of LeBron taunts.

So until the LeBron haters come up with some new material, we’ll celebrate the King’s victory with memes dedicated to him winning his first championship ring!

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