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Oh Chris Hemsworth, how you make the ladies come undone.

The Aussie actor and soon-to-be brother-in-law of Miley Cyrus has seen unimaginable fame in his acting career this year, serving as the lead Thor in the superhero movie, resurrecting the iron wielding role for Avengers and playing a huntsman in Snow White and the Huntsman.

PHOTOS: Chris Hemsworth Shows Off His Superhero Body Down Under!

The thing that all of these roles have in common? They all capitalize on Chris’ amazing body, and we are definitely not complaining!

DETAILS: It’s A Girl! Chris Hemsworth Welcomes New Baby!

The newest July issue of GQ, on stands now, has gotten a lot of attention for the tasty treat that is Kate Upton on the cover, but there is a little Hemsworth in the folds that should garner just as much attention. 

Check out some excerpts from the interview below:

On his buff body:

“It’s helped me get a job, sure. But you hope it’s not the only thing that helped.”

On his unusual prep work for Snow White and the Huntsman:

“It really shakes everything up, and you feel a bit more alive. I actually started spinning in circles before the scenes where I didn’t need to be drunk.”

On witnessing stranger rituals:

“I worked with a guy once who would chant, ‘I’m beautiful and I have a secret, I’m beautiful and I have a secret.”

Check out the full spread of Chris looking all American, and all sexy in the July issue of GQ