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Kanye West is really rubbing off on Kim Kardashian, and we don’t think we’ve ever seen her have this much fun in a relationship. 

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Not only is the 30-year-old Keeping Up with the Kardashians reality star enjoying her time jet setting to Paris with ‘Ye and sittin’ passenger side in the Lambo; she’s also showing off her cooking skills.

That’s right, Kim Kardashian put together a banging meal for her man Kanye West. But it wasn’t just any ol’ meal; it was a full soul food feast! 

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Kim tweeted: 

“Cooking some soul food for my baby!”

Then Kimmy put down her phone and got busy in the kitchen, making fried chicken, string beans, mac and cheese, and even some cornbread on the side. 

After she was done with her meal, Kim felt so good about her skills that she borrowed some of Yeezy’s braggadocious swag: 

“Luxury chef…the Hermes of soul food”

The food looks scrumptious, but we are going to need Kim to make us a plate too!