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Willow Smith debuted a brand new song called “I Am Me,” during the 2012 Bet Awards!

The 11-year-old, who recently caused a media frenzy with her new tongue piercing, released the world premiere of her new single.

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In her fourth music video, she displays a very vulnerable and personal side we’ve never seen before. Filmed in several iconic parts of New York City, including Washington Square Park, Willow seemed very excited about premiering the video for everyone to see. 

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She explained to Rocsi and Terrence J that the song was simply about being herself.

“It’s just explaining who I am and what symbolizes me-like me as an energy, me as a person, just cool and rounded.”

We’re sure many girls her age will be inspired and will be able to relate to the personal song.

Check out the newly released music video above!