From the red carpet to the after-party, if you were like us, you were glued to your seats and taking in all of the action during last night’s BET Awards. While the world was watching, Jamie Foxx used his shine to show support for Trayvon Martin and his family by wearing a red t-shirt bearing the now famous image of Trayvon wearing a white hoodie.

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While most people take the time to change during the show, before they present an award, Jamie opted to stay in his t-shirt and make the statement to the world, that he supports the Martin family and that he recognizes the injustice that took place on the fatal night we lost young Trayvon.

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We applaud the Django Unchained actor for using his time to shine as a platform to show his support. It’s not often that a celebrity steps out of their comfort zone and stands up for what they believe in in such a public manner. Kudos to you Jamie; we’re sure the Martin family appreciated the gesture.

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