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After much speculation, R&B crooner and one of Odd Future’s frontmen, Frank Ocean, announced to the world that he is bi-sexual. 

DETAILS: Frank Ocean Comes Out The Closet

After rumors swirled that a few of his love ballads on Channel Orange were intended for a male love interest, Frank decided to pen an open letter explaining his sexuality. 

Only hours after Frank coming out of the closet, Odd Future took to twitter to support Frank’s brave moment. 

Tyler finally stopped making jokes, and came out to support his good friend Frank Ocean. 

Odd Future’s managers Chris Clancy and Kelly Clancy came out as well to support Frank Ocean’s brave admission.

Odd Future member and the other half of Mellowhype, Hodgy Beats, also came out to denounce anyone who had a problem with Frank coming out the closet.


Despite a few of the gay jokes, Odd Future supports their R&B crooner Frank Ocean wholeheartedly.

NEW MUSIC: Frank Ocean “Pyramids” 

Many critics of Odd Future probably need to re-evaluate the notion that these young men and women are homophobic. 

With Frank’s announcement, Odd Future now has two openly gay members- Syd Tha Kid and Frank. 

OFWGKTA are more than an immature hip-hop collective and their recent announcements seem to be foreshadowing music’s bright yet odd future.