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  • Odd 
  • adj. odd·er, odd·est1. Deviating from what is ordinary, usual, or expected; strange or peculiar
  • Fu·ture 
  • n.
  • 1. The indefinite time yet to come

Odd Future is undoubtedly the most talked about hip-hop collective in the past decade.

Hated and debated, you either love Odd Future’s offensive lyrics, immature antics, and comedic interpretations of American society or quite frankly, you think they’re repulsive, despicable human beings.

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Either way, Odd Future is the voice of our ever growing population of Generation Y, sometimes referred to as Generation Next.

Within the group are jewels of raw unfiltered talent. Sadly, this talent is overshadowed mostly by the group’s iniquitous lyrical content and childish outbursts of adolescent egocentrism. 

Whether it’s their offensive rhymes referring to “masturbating to Hannah Montana” or their frontman, Tyler, the Creator’s weird obsession with serial killers, Odd Future reign as the once bullied, ostracized, social misfits turned cool kids with the power to put their tormenters to shame.

In industry terms, Odd Future has arrived at the “cool table” with their quirks and obscure eccentricity.

And despite the media’s desperation to paint them as intolerant bigoted curators of hate and injustice, Odd Future is probably more accepting of social issues such as same-sex marriage than the average pop star. 

I categorize their constant spewing of the word “faggot” to the issue of white people saying the word “nigga” because their black friends allow them to. 

It doesn’t mean Odd Future is homophobic, and it doesn’t mean the white “nigga”-saying friend is racist. 

It means simply that the faggot and nigga user are grossly ignorant to the pain and history of the word they so often use. 

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It’s not an excuse and it doesn’t make it acceptable, but in the eyes of the ignorant, they believe they’re causing no harm. 

Let’s not get it twisted, Odd Future should definitely stop saying “faggot” along with all the rappers who say “bitch,” “hoe,” “nigga,” and pop star Rihanna who loves to use the word “cunt.” 

All the words are grossly offensive, and seem to be some of your favorite artists’ less intellectual way of expressing themselves – none of which is acceptable. 

With most of the media being ignorant to the fact that Odd Future loves not only one homosexual in the group, but two (with Frank Ocean’s declaration of bisexuality), Odd Future has actually proven themselves as being unabashed tolerant individuals, whose lack of tact is more prevalent than any intolerance they may or may not possess. 

It’s kind of confusing and somewhat contradictory, and although these young men and women seem to be menaces to America’s well-thought out, strategically structured society, they understand the nuances of the world, societal propaganda, and quite frankly, the bullsh*t that comes along with living in the “new world.”

Odd Future are cultivators of dope music of immense honesty, truth, ethnophaulisms, and sadly dysphemistic pejoratives. And despite not really understanding their goals or message they’re trying to send in music, Odd Future is up to something profound. 

Is it possible that we’ll being seeing Tyler, the Creator and the rest of Odd Future causing havoc at next year’s NYC Gay Pride week?

Hey, you never know. 

Sooner or later, their offensive language of sexism and homophobia that represent some of our darkest days and tattered pasts, will become less shocking, and to the dismay of many, they will become the face and the future of music. 

Regardless if you like them, Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All are ironically the future – the odd future. 

~Brittany Lewis