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The-Dream and Pusha T are looking for a “Dope Bitch,” and they have the video to prove it. 

NEW MUSIC: Pusha T & John Legend “Tonight (Remix)”

The “Dope Bitch” video features The-Dream and Pusha surrounded by beautiful “dope” women rocking garter belts and bodysuits. 

The video also features fake kilos of cocaine stacked to simulate a platform stage, as The-Dream performs for the cameras. 

NEW MUSIC: Pusha T & Kanye West “New God Flow”

The-Dream’s fourth studio album Love IV is scheduled to be released August 14. 

We can’t wait to see the video! We know it’s going to so beautiful, so bold – fo’sho! 

Take a look at the behind the scenes video of Pusha T and The-Dream above.