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Seriously, get ready to swoon. 

ESPN has released some gawk-worthy photos of our favorite athletes in the nude, with Knicks player Tyson Chandler covering the issue completely in the buff.

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Tyson’s naked feature on the cover of the magazine features him wearing absolutely nothing and covering his precious jewels with his favorite accessory: a basketball. 

In addition to Tyson’s feature, surfer Maya Gabeira is also baring it all for the mag. She admits surfing nude is nothing new to her, but she tends to shy away from it since it hurts her boobs. Valuable information.

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Sailor Anna Tunnicliffe is also featured, showcasing the strength that has won her a gold medal in the women’s laser radial class at the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

Check out the artfully taken nudes of the athletes in the gallery above and keep your eye out for the full spread set to drop soon.