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Frank Ocean made his television debut on NBC’s Late Night With Jimmy Fallon last night!

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Deciding to throw his fans for another loop in less than a week, Frank Ocean also prematurely released his debut album Channel Orange last night after his performance on Fallon. 

Originally scheduled for a July 17 release, Frank made the wise decision that Channel Orange couldn’t wait a day longer.

Standing stoically, Frank sang the beautiful love story of “Bad Religion” as the audience sat in awe.

“It’s a it’s a bad religion/ To be in love with/ Someone who could never love you/ Only bad only bad religion/ Could have me feeling the way I do,” sings Frank. 

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It’s only been a little under a week since Frank Ocean came out to the world as a bisexual man, and the support has been overwhelmingly positive. 

Channel Orange is on iTunes now; download it here

Watch Frank’s TV debut in the video above. 

Click the music soundbar to listen to  Channel Orange on the album stream below!