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The news of NBA team the New Jersey Nets moving to Brooklyn wasn’t a shocker, but the logo Jay-Z chose for his new team definitely was. 

DETAILS: Jay-Z’s Made In America Festival Lineup!

The Brooklyn Nets flaunt a classic black and white logo that is shockingly simple compared to other NBA logos. 

MTV sat down with Jay-Z to find out why he chose a black and white logo for the Brooklyn Nets, and he revealed: 

“I wanted to make it really classic- strong and go back to Brooklyn and what we’re about. It’s real gritty. We’re not really about flashy, well, sometimes. Just the roots of Brooklyn is just this very bold, strong, simple logo. It was a take off the old subways signs. If you look at the old subway signs, they were just black and white. Just a strong, beautiful, iconic black and white, I just wanted something to withstand the test of time and be here forever. “

The Barclays Center in Brooklyn will serve as the Brooklyn Nets’ new home, and will also serve as one of the only places to catch Jay-Z in concert in September. 

DETAILS: Jay-Z Announces Barclays Center Concerts!

Jay-Z announced three concert dates at Barclays Center for September 28, 29, and 30. Tickets for the three concerts will begin at prices as low as $30 with 7,000 of the available tickets priced at an all time low. 

Jay-Z’s Made In America Festival also kicks off in Philly during Labor Day Weekend, September 1-2. 

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