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When Rick Ross instagrammed a picture of his newest Maybach Music Group signee, many people were wondering, who the hell is Rockie Fresh

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Well, Rockie Fresh is apart of Chicago’s bubbling music scene and emerging hip-hop renaissance. 

If you’re thinking Rockie Fresh is Maybach Music’s version of Chief Keef, think again.

Although Rockie spent part of his life in the Southside of Chicago before moving to the suburbs, he isn’t a part of Chicago’s ever-popular “drill” rap scene. 

In fact, he’s actually into incorporating elements of rock into his rhymes.

Rockie Fresh became friends with Fall Out Boy’s frontman Patrick Stump, who he collaborated and toured with. 

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He took a keen interest in rock bands like Good Charlotte and Fall Out Boy in high school, and Rockie still attributes 50 Cent’s Get Rich Or Die Tryin, Jay-Z’sThe Black Album, Twista’s Kamikaze, and Kanye West’s College Dropout as inspiration for him to create his own sound – a fresh one. 

The 21-year-old rapper released his first mixtape Rockie’s Modern Life in 2009, and since then he’s released three more mixtapes with his most recent, Driving 88, hitting the ‘net in early 2012. 

Rockie’s most acclaimed mixtapes The Otherside Redux and Driving 88 caught the attention of not only Rick Ross, but moguls like Diddy and Birdman, who also wanted Rockie on their team. 

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Despite being a newly signed rapper, Rockie Fresh briefly considered pursuing law, but his passion for school was lacking and his love for music was thriving.

Mr. Fresh is definitely a man of many facets. 

Rockie comes as one of a half-dozen Chicago rappers who have inked deals with major labels in the past few months.

Those who thought Chicago’s bubbling hip-hop scene was just a phase should definitely get the memo that the “Windy City” is here to stay.

Rockie will be going on tour August 8 and will be releasing his forthcoming mixtape Electric Highway this fall. 

Take a look at Rockie Fresh below!