Angela Simmons is a woman of impeccable beauty, so it’s no wonder why she is always showing it off in beautiful photo shoots!

Our gorgeous gal recently shined in red on the cover of Everything Girls Love magazine, and she reveals some spicy information in the interview!

EXCLUSIVE: Angela Simmons & Indique Hair Give Styling Tips For Fab Extensions!

She talked about her relationship status:

I’m single. I’m cool and I love being single.

She also talked about how she has an addiction to tattoos:

I’m a tattoo addict. I have nine, with plans on getting more. They are not in visible places, so I can still conduct myself as a professional when I need to.

She even talks about how she keeps her body right for all of the photos we see of her on the beach:

I love the beach and I love my bikinis, so I work out a lot. I have a personal trainer I meet with a couple days a week. I do a lot of outdoor running, swimming, cardio, yoga and horseback riding. I mix it up a lot, but I’m always moving and working out. I became a vegetarian a couple of years ago that along with being active helps me keep my body where I want to be.

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Angela also tweeted about her recent photo shoot:

Sounds like Angela is living the good life!

We can’t wait to pick up our copy of Everything Girls Love with Angela on the cover!

Are you guys going to read the issue?

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