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Kile Glover is NOT being taken off life support any time soon.

Yesterday, TMZ reported that Tameka Raymond‘s son Kile Glover may be taken off life support following the tragic jet ski accident that left him brain dead. 

STORY: Kile Glover’s Family Ask For Prayers As He Remains In Critical Condition 

The site reported the 11-year-old’s insurance company will only pay for a couple months of life support, and without the insurance, Tameka will not have enough to keep her son alive. 

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A source close to the family told GlobalGrind that the rumor is not true at all.

We have exclusively learned that Tameka is holding out for a miracle and NEVER considered taking Kile off any machine, EVER.

A source close to the family told us, they want “people to keep praying and to never lose hope in the power of God’s prayer.” 

As many of you know, Kile was in a tragic accident when a family friend struck him in the head with a jet ski while he was playing in a water tube with a female friend in Georgia. 

Kile’s father is Ryan Glover, the president of Bounce TV, a television network targeted towards African-American audiences.

We will continue praying for Kile and his family through this difficult time.