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What if the city of Los Angeles wasn’t a city at all? What if every back alley and front street made up an actual man? What if the personality that made the city what it is, was the personality of an actual person? Well, Louis Vuitton beat us to that line of questioning.

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Louis Vuitton’s “When Los Angeles is a Man” is the second film in the series on cities around the world by Louis Vuitton, using gender as a lens to interpret each city’s identity. The film was directed by Jean-Claude Thibaut, who also wrote a poem about the city that he narrates throughout.

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Louis Vuitton makes L.A. look like it could just be the coolest city in the U.S.

You can check out the “When Los Angeles is a Man” by Louis Vuitton short film above. You can also check out the poem by Jean-Claude Thibaut for the City of Angels below. Read along if you like!

From the hill, suspended above the starry skyline, LA appeared to me as a whole

He’s a lonely and secretive player, blazing and unrefined, dedicating himself to his dreams – and incidentally ours – with a disconcerting ease.

He has the nerve and imagination of one who has nothing to lose , always walking a tight rope.  His weaknesses are concealed

Untouched by criticism, L.A. works in faith and finds his way to a new ear, the one he imagines being his own future.  The burning ease of his achievements has something of prodigality and childishness.  Each scene of his life is the most important.  LA is fated to be young forever, eternal.  He walks through the night, striding along, indolent while unrestrained, with the style of a gifted kid

In my mind a far-fetched idea is growing slowly: It seems LA gave me this blind confidence to turn things into art, without ever looking back.  L.A. drove me where I have never been before

-Jean-Claude Thibaut