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Rihanna has had a rough few years when it comes to her love life, but there might be a change on the horizon. 

The 24-year-old pop sensation was spotted out on a boat in Sardinia enjoying her vacation, and there was a mysterious man with her! The two soaked up some sun together while on the boat, but they weren’t cuddled up … since it’s not her boyfriend!

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RiRi was on the boat with her girls Melissa and Jennifer, and it turns out the mystery man was Jennifer’s boo!

Even though she might not have found her match just yet, Rihanna is definitely hinting that she’s ready for love in a recent set of her tweets.

She tweeted:

He had many of bad habits, he was trying hard to break. And every time he thought it got better, he would make another mistake….

Though he knows he’s far from perfect, he is trying to live right. He asked me to ask You Father, would You hear his prayer tonight?!

He said “tell Him that I really need Him, and I really wanna change. The next time you talk to God, would you please mention my name?”

She continued:

My heart has found a new beat, ever since You came into my life! No I don’t lose no sleep, cuz I know He’s walking by my side…

And if ya looking for me, safe in His arms is where you’ll find me. Cuz I gotta be happy…gonna be happy

I was searching for a long time, for the right one to give my heart to, then I realized that it should be You

But sometimes I stray away, and I make mistakes but You still LOVE me! From now and forever, Your arms is where I wanna be

I never ever found a treasure just to call my own, until You came along! No matter what happens, You’re mine forever, and I won’t let go

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Maybe these are new lyrics inspired by someone special? 

Check out the gallery to see RiRi’s rumored new boyfriend.