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Maybach Music Group’s Gunplay released a new track and he’s keeping it 100. 

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Gunplay teamed up with Maybach Music’s general Rick Ross on his new track titled, “Real N*ggas.” 

If you’re wondering what the subject matter of Gunplay’s new banger is, well, it’s about some real realness (to say the least). 

Rick Ross kicks off the track rapping, “I got real n*ggas that drink/I got real n*ggas that smoke/I got real n*ggas with bank/real niggas that’s broke.”

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“I know a real n*gga named gunplay/all he want is gunplay/ I know real shooters/no balling/no spaulding/No pump fake,” raps Gunplay. 

“Real N*ggas” is off Gunplay’s new mixtape 106 & Snort, due out August 1.  

Take a listen to Gunplay’s “Real N*ggas” below!