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George Zimmerman isn’t a fan of Sean “P.Diddy” Combs anymore. Mr. Zimmerman claims the hip-hop mogul stabbed him in the back.

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GlobalGrind combed through over 150 phone call conversations Zimmerman had while locked up in a Seminole County jail for the murder of Trayvon Martin. We discovered one call in particular which stood out, as Zimmerman made a reference to the Bad Boy CEO P. Diddy. 

Here’s the conversation, between Zimmerman and his sister reported here first:

Sister: Guess what I listened to?

GZ:  What?

S: The song you were telling me about?

GZ: P Diddy?

S: Do you know that him and others are talking shit?

GZ: P Diddy?

S: Yeah

GZ: Oh…I didn’t know.

S: You know what’s so funny? It’s people that we’ve been admiring for such a long time.

GZ: Yup

S: It’s like wow.

GZ: Yup

S: I can’t believe it. It’s crazy

GZ: I can’t believe it either.

S: Yeah, it’s like a stab in the back.

GZ: Yup

Zimmerman’s hip-hop connection didn’t stop there. In call #107, Zimmerman’s sister tells him that he needs to watch the Eminem video “I Need a Doctor,” adding that the video reminds her of their situation. 

She says, “The words now mean so much more.” Zimmerman replies, “I’m so like Dr. Dre in the video.”

What an odd turn of events. We get that Zimmerman is a hip-hop fan, but thinking Diddy stabbed you in the back? That’s just delusional. 


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