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Mariah Carey has been emancipated. She’s been your “Dreamlover.” She’s been your “Hero.”

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Now, she will be honored for all of her hard work in music over the past two decades. 

BMI is proud to announce that MiMi will be receiving the “Icon Award” at this year’s BMI Urban Awards.

The Grammy Award-winning singer has sold more than 200 million albums worldwide and boasts 18 number one singles on Billboard’s Hot 100. 

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Mariah Carey is nothing short of an icon, and we’re glad she’s being honored for inspiring millions and making the world a better place, one musical note at a time.  

GlobalGrind loves it when music news ends on a good note, but in Mariah’s case, a high note. 

The BMI Urban Awards will take place September 7 in Beverly Hills, California.