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When it comes to men and women, it’s a consummate battle of the sexes. Why do you think Gatorade had that “Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better” song in their promo? 

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And though males have a discernible advantage when it comes to physical strength, females have us beat in the mental arena.

Makes sense though. After all, in Greek mythology, the deity of wisdom was Athena – a goddess, not a god – in other words, a woman, not a man.

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Mythology aside, a recent study conducted by IQ expert James Flynn iterates that women are now scoring higher than their male counterparts for the first time in many years. Prior to this, they trailed behind men an estimated five points. Not much, but still a disparity in intelligence nonetheless.

Flynn says:

“In the last 100 years the IQ scores of both men and women have risen, but women’s have risen faster. This is a consequence of modernity. The complexity of the modern world is making our brains adapt and raising our IQ.”

He also alluded that the reason women suddenly have a higher IQ has to do with their accessibility to education that was once hindered in the past. And that may not be a prevarication, being that women outnumber men in college considerably.

Since there’s evidence via James Flynn that dictates women have higher IQs than men, GlobalGrind decided to compile a list of 15 famous women who are beauty and brains; some with high IQs, affiliated with Mensa (The High IQ society), and those who’ve matriculated to some of the most superb colleges to match their superb minds.

Check out the list above, and let us know what you think.

Now you know why she always has something smart to say!