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It’s rare that international rappers are paralleled with one of the G.O.A.T.s like Jay-Z, but Israel’s Ya’akov “Kobi” Shimoni, better known by his rapper name Subliminal, has been dominating the hip-hop scene like Jigga in Israel for the past 15 years — and he has no plans of letting up. 

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Born in Tel Aviv, Israel, Subliminal was a fan of hip-hop from its inception, but found his own footing in the industry after serving a mandatory military stint in Israel.

After hiding his talent for years, Subliminal released his first album in 2000 and has seen significant growth since then, building and mastering hip-hop’s existence in Israel.

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Now, after reaching the pinnacle of success in cross-platforms both related and unrelated to music, Subliminal is ready to make a not-so-subliminal transition into the English rapping market with a calculated plan to first dominate Europe, and then the United States. 

GlobalGrind had the pleasure of a rare visit from one of Israel’s most famed music exports for a sit down interview, where we drilled him on everything from growing up in Israel to his thoughts on Shyne. 

Check out the exclusive interview in the video above.

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