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Our hearts are breaking!  The entire team at the Happy Hearts Fund wants to embrace all of our Haitian friends and all people of Haiti and give them strength in these horrible times.

In 2007, Happy Hearts Fund team and I visited Haiti for the first time with Wyclef and Yele Haiti.  It was a time when our work together has began by providing educational opportunities for Haitian children. Happy Hearts Fund team fell in love with the people of Haiti and we were amazed that people who have suffered hardship after hardship have such an amazing spirit. We cannot believe that now they must endure even more!!!

This time it is almost incomprehensible.  The words and footage, as horrible as they may be, still cannot adequately convey the unspeakable devastation, suffering and hopelessness that now must consume the hearts and minds of the people of Haiti.  These overwhelming feelings of fear, pain and helplessness are compounded by a barrage of sickening questions: Are my loved ones alive? Will I be able to save them in time? Is there more horror coming?  It is excruciating to know that each second can be the crucial in saving the life of your child, mother or brother.  It is even more unbearable to also realize that you have no tools, no support or even a way to search for them, help them and keep them safe.

Every second can save a life!   Right now your support – however big or small — can save the life of someone’s loving mom, most amazing sister or beautiful baby boy.   From the bottom of my heart, I thank you for making the most meaningful and worthy decision of your life: a decision to save a life! Please take a moment to support the amazing work of Wyclef and Yele Haiti, by donating $5 by texting YELE TO 501501 or donating more at

We are all Haitians today!

The entire Happy Hearts Fund team extends its love and prayers.  We will continue to work every day to help the children of Haiti, and we will be able to announce a good news soon.  In the meantime, we thank all the compassionate people in the world who will take a moment to help Haiti!

Petra Nemcova
Founder of Happy Hearts Fund