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<p>Atlnightspots Q&amp;A session with one of the finest Magic City dancers Gigi Maguire. The $$cream cartel&rsquo;s$$ Gigi Maguire talks about her past and her future plans and advice for all the women who want to get in the game. She also talks her patron pet peeves,top 5 kings of making it rain and who&rsquo;s the cheapest celebrities. We talked about who has the finest dancers on ANS before Miami or Atlanta she answers that question also.</p><p>You will be shocked at who&rsquo;s the cheapest celebrities to come in the Magic City strip club. BMF was excluded from the question of who are the kings of making it rain cause we all know they are the ones who started the trend. Gigi was real down to earth not to mention sexy, seeing her and the snack pack perform in the club is something I recommend to every one cause they raise the bar on pole dancing. You can follow Gigi on twitter @gigimaguire</p><p> Q&amp;A With Gigi Maguire from on Vimeo.</p>