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My father’s legacy means everything to me, as well as my brother Derrick, and we’re continuing his legacy in music. Our father meant so much not just to us two, but what it means to the world, to the West Coast and especially our city, Compton, California.

Not only that but his impact is felt across the world, in Germany, France, Japan… Everywhere! He was and still is recognized as a legend in the music industry, laying the blueprint to being an artist/CEO.

My father contributed a big piece to hip-hop, which he doesn’t get a lot of credit for with the inspiration he gave to a lot of artist out now—from the old generation to the new, as well as producers, also giving them the freedom of speech in what they can say [in their music].

Bottom line, without my pops you don’t have a lot of hip-hop icons people give respect and credit to—period.


I have a world of things I want to say to my father but it’s not enough pages in this magazine to fill up the things I would want to talk about. Any person can understand what you’re miss in a father and things you want to talk about and do with a real father that loved his kids and was taken from me so early.

Really, it’s all personal so to the respect of the fans, if I had a chance to talk to my father one last time I would tell him that he is a real icon, the Godfather of Gangsta Rap and the real hip-hop thugsta and still loved by all his fans.

Lastly, from grandma, grandpa, uncle Kenny, Donald, Trish, all your kids, your wife, family and friends, you are deeply loved and missed.

Always and forever,

Lil Eazy

Oh, yeah, your grandkids said, “Hi.” LOL. They know a lot about you…

(Shout out to XXL)

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