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The Hangover franchise has been very lucrative considering the same plot is used over and over … but apparently we love it! 

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With The Hangover 2 grossing more $500 million worldwide, Legendary Pictures has confirmed that there will be a Hangover 3 set to hit theaters May 2013.

The picture above was taken from The Hangover Facebook site as the film’s new logo.

Entertainment Weekly reports:

“The image doesn’t reveal anything about the plot — although we already know that at some point the characters will return to Las Vegas. (That corresponds perfectly to the Joseph Campbell Monomyth Rule of Trilogies: See also, Luke Skywalker returning to Tatooine in Return of the Jedi and Bruce Wayne returning to deep holes in the ground in The Dark Knight Rises.)”

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Until its release, millions of fans, aka wannabe wolf pack members, will have to wait patiently!

SOURCE: Entertainment Weekly