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She’s Notorious for playing opposite Jamal Woolard in the 2009 Biggie Smalls biopic. But the brunette bombshell is putting Hollywood on hold, and pursing her first passion: music.

Antonique Smith has slowly but surely been leaving her sonic footprints all over the music industry, performing at New York City’s XL and The Cutting Room nightclubs, as well as landing a feature in Nas’ 2011 music video “Nasty.”

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Now, the sultry songbird – with the help of Kick Starter and her fans – is ready to launch her debut album.

Antonique has worked with music industry vets such as Dr. Dre and JukeBox to craft some remarkable music for her premiere project.

She even released a teaser video for her debut single “Speechless,” which you can watch below!

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However, unless fans help donate to her campaign, we won’t be able to hear any new music or see any new videos from this immensely talented artist at all!

Antonique’s personal YouTube page features not only live performances and covers of popular tunes, but also an introduction video to her Kick Starter campaign and instructions on how you can help.

Support good music and get to clickin’! 

Listen to Antonique’s debut single “Speechless” down below and you be the judge. 

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