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Whoever said women don’t get better with age, hasn’t met Christina Milian! The gorgeous and glowing Cash Money singer proves that age ain’t nothing but a number with her latest photo shoot.

DETAILS: The Dream Apologizes To Christina Milian 

Decked out in a Baywatch-inspired, red hot one-piece and later, a bright yellow dress, the Latina bombshell showed her fans that she’s still got it while hanging out in the Caribbean. 

Though her personal life has been made very public recently, what with her disappointment in The-Dream as a baby daddy, Christina is determined not to let any negativity in that area spill over into her career. 

BLOG: ALetter Of Support To Miss Milian!

Miss Milian keeps it colorful and classic in Island colors, and does not hesitate to show off those post-Violet Nash curves. Watch Christina Milian “Dip It Low” in the gallery below!