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Is Miley Cyrus ready for Playboy?

The former Disney pop star stripped down to the bare minimum in new pictures taken by acclaimed photographer Vijat Mohindra. Although the photos were taken back in May, they have just now hit the ‘net. 

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Hopefully these were meant for public release. If not, the 19-year-old LOL actress can add that to her “OMG, why me” list!

Another thing to add to the list? Cops raced to the newly engaged star’s Los Angeles home last night after receiving a report about a possible invasion.

According to TMZ, when the police arrived on the scene, it turned out to be a false alarm, and they later realized it may have been a prank known as “swatting.”

When the LAPD responded immediately to yesterday’s 6:50 pm phone call with guns drawn, they soon came to the realization that the home was quiet, and no one was there. 

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Miley may have fallen victim to the act of “swatting,” where a caller tries to trick emergency responders into dispatching law enforcement to a scene by making up a serious crime.

The cops told the media outlet that if the call was indeed a prank and the caller is caught, they’ll be arrested. If someone were to be hurt or killed in the process due to the prank, the caller could even face felony charges!

Miley is currently in Philly with her boy Liam Hemsworth as he films his new movie, so it’s all good in Miley’s hood. 


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