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Eminem hasn’t released an album in two years. Don’t think, however, that the gifted rapper has been slacking. No, in fact he’s been working on the upcoming Slaughterhouse album, which is expected to drop later this month, while tinkering here and there with his upcoming new album. 

VIDEO: Eminem Speaks On Possible New Album, Slaughterhouse, Beastie Boys AND MORE! 

The rapper revealed this and more during a interview with Nick Craig on Detroit’s Channel 95.5 yesterday. 

DETAILS: YAY! Eminem Is Back In The Studio: New Album Coming Soon 

The legendary rapper, who called in while he was in the studio with Slaughterhouse member Royce Da 5’9, talked about the projects he was working on and where he stands as far as his own solo album goes: 

“I actually started my album, but I haven’t fully went in yet because I’ve been finishing up this Slaughterhouse record. I kinda been really hands-on with this album for the past year. This has kinda been a pet project for me. I kinda been executive producing, producing, co-producing, mixing — very hands-on with it and just really involved. We’re actually finishing up today. We’re handing the album in today.”

Even though he’s been working here and there on the album, the rapper said he doesn’t “have a date yet.”

Anytime in 2012 would be fine, Marshal. 

Check out the entire interview up above!