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Not again! 

Mac Miller is getting sued for the second time in a month.

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Mac Miller has been named as the defendant in a new lawsuit coming from an artist by the name of Patrick Berlinquette, also known as Warm Speakers, for a whopping $10 million. 

Mac sampled Warm Speakers’ “The World Around You” for his Macadelic banger “Fuck Em All.” According to Warm Speakers, Mac Miller didn’t ask permission to sample his song, which was copyrighted in 2011. 

Despite what many people think about mixtape copyright laws, Warm Speakers thinks he has a case he can win against the Blue Slide Park rapper. 

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In the lawsuit, Warm Speakers states: 

“[Miller] uses other people’s music because it’s easier, cheaper, and faster than creating his own….”Miller seeks to capitalize on the common misconception in Copyright Law that people whose music he takes have no remedy if he gives their music away for free.”

Warm Speakers is also suing Mac Miller’s label Rostrum Records and the premiere free mixtape distributor

Earlier this summer, Mac Miller actually shouted Warm Speakers out on Twitter for the sample. Clearly, Warm Speakers wants to get paid, not a shout out. 


Besides having to worry about this lawsuit, hip-hop legend Lord Finesse is still continuing his $10 million suit against the Pittsburgh rapper. 

Mac Miller may have to leave the samples off his next mixtape, or at least get them cleared with the artists before releasing it to the world. 

The last thing he needs is a third lawsuit!