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If your last name is Bolt, you may possess lightning speed!

And yesterday, Usain Bolt proved that assertion to be more fact than fiction.

DETAILS: Usain Bolts To The GOLD!

He won the gold medal in the 100m for the second time, and in doing so, set a new Olympic record of 9.63 seconds.

So who’s as fast as Usain? Perhaps Hermes with his winged sandals of Greek pantheon.

But, clearly nobody in track and field!

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What if the greatest runner in the world right now had the wild idea that he could excel as awesomely as he does on the track, with a “fast” flow on a track?

It’d be no jog to the finish line so to speak, because there’s definitely a few rappers who can spit fast – really fast!

GlobalGrind decided to compile a list of 10 rappers, ranging from veterans to upstarts, who are literally “track stars” on the mic.

Check out the list, and videos highlighting these rappers who are not only quick-witted, but quick with it, in action.

T.I. Feat. Eminem  “All She Wrote”

Chris Brown Feat. Busta Rhymes & Lil Wayne “Look At Me Now”

Twista “Mr. Tung Twista”

Tech N9ne “Midwest Choppers”

Yelawolf “Lemonade” freestyle

Machine Gun Kelly “Chip Off The Block”

Corey Gunz “A Milli” freestyle

Watsky “Watsky Raps Fast”

Snow Tha Product “Beast Mode”

Karmin  Chris Brown Feat Busta Rhymes & Lil Wayne “Look At Me Now” cover