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Ralph Lauren often sets the standard for all things preppy or WASP-y. His Polo, Black and Purple labels can easily be dressed up, but his newer Denim & Supply label has a much more laid back and casual feel. 

To promote the fall 2012 season, Denim & Supply teamed up with the popular Swedish DJ and producer Avicii for a really fun promotional video featuring an exclusive remix of Avicii’s track “Silhouettes.”


All of the video’s models, including the DJ himself, are wearing new items from the fall collection. Avicii and the rest of the cast looks like they are having a great time and as the party rocks on, the clothing stays cool.

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While a full-length version of the track has yet to be released, you can check the full promotional video by Avicii for Ralph Lauren’s Denim & Supply line in the video above.