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All the talk about bath salts in the news during this summer has prompted New York Governor Andrew Cuomo to crack down on the illegal drug, adding it to the banned substance list.

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According to the NYPost:

The aim of the new state Health Department regulations is to make it tougher for manufacturers of so-called designer drugs to skirt the law through slight modifications of ingredients.

The new regulations also allow law enforcement to charge an establishment owner or employee selling synthetic drugs with possession of an illicit substance, increase criminal penalties for violators to include fines of up to $500 and up to 15 days in jail civil, and provide for civil fines of up to $2,000 per violation.

The state’s Public Health and Health Planning Council approved the new rules today.

As Cuomo announced today: 

“Bath salts and other synthetic drugs pose a direct, serious threat to public health and safety, and we must do everything we can to remove these harmful substances from sale and distribution in New York.

The actions we are announcing today attack the problem by helping our law enforcement officers enforce the rules, expanding the list of banned substances used to manufacture bath salts, and imposing tougher penalties so those who sell these drugs are held accountable.”

Cuomo is correct, many of the manufactured synthetic drugs are more dangerous than the regular street drugs.