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Snooki is loving every part of her pregnancy, especially the part that involves posting photos of her growing baby bump on Twitter! 

While the typical pregnant woman shies away from the camera, the 24-year-old expectant reality star, due in September, can’t wait to sprawl out and snap some pics for her fans. 

PHOTOS: Snooki Flaunts Her Big & Beautiful Baby Bump

Snooki, who is reportedly set to throw a big baby shower bash this upcoming weekend in Central Valley, New York for season two of her reality show Snooki & JWoww, has nothing to hide.

PHOTOS: YUM! Pregnant Snooki Sets The Record Straight About Deena!

Snapping away, the 4’9 meatball took photos with close friend Deena and of herself riding around town in her new whip and chilling on the comfy couch.

Check out the photos Snooki tweeted in the gallery above.