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Someone’s in trouble… Zach Galifianakis has been targeted by billionaire brothers, Dave and Charles Koch, after Galifianakis called them “creepy” during an interview with the Daily News.

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The right-wing fundraisers, worth $50 billion combined, are now on the offensive.

Philip Ellender, Koch Industries spokesman (not a comedian), said in reference to Zach, who plays Alan in The Hangover, Part II:

“It’s laughable to take political guidance or moral instruction from a guy who makes obscene gestures with a monkey on a bus in Bangkok.” 

Galifianakis’ new movie ,The Campaign, features Dan Aykroyd and John Lithgow as the Motch brothers, fictional billionaire benefactors that manipulate politics to make a profit.

During his interview with the Daily News, Galifianakis said:

“I think it is pretty obvious that the Motch brothers represent the Koch brothers, I disagree with everything they do. They are creepy and there is no way around that. It’s not freedom what they are doing.”

The Koch brothers responded:
“His comments, which appear to be based on false attacks made by our political opponents, demonstrate a lack of understanding of our longstanding support of individual freedom, freedom of expression and constitutional rights.”

However Galifianakis, whose uncle was a North Carolina congressman, claims to be familiar with the political process. He says: 

“I’m big into politics. What I don’t understand is why they bother trying to influence people. I hope the Koch brothers see this movie, but they probably don’t go to movies.”

We recommend seeing The Campaign in theaters this Friday, as the satirical comedy has done well with critics so far!