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KAWS is always coming out with new and really cool things. Whether it’s from his Original Fake clothing line, or new vinyl figurines, KAWS really knows how to keep his fans satisfied.

His latest creation is cool for two reasons, the first being that it is yet another dissected companion and the second being that it’s sitting as opposed to standing up! The normal KAWS figurine stands, and is pose-able. All of his dissected companions, even his Bearbrick versions, have been standing for as long as they’ve been released and we think it’s about time that at least one of them got to sit.

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The latest toy, dubbed as the RESTING COMPANION, shows KAWS’ famous dissected companion with hands planted firmly on the ground and one leg being stretched out very comfortably. It’s in his original red and flesh colorway, but we’re sure it’ll come out in greyscale and all black soon enough. KAWS took to his Facebook page to give us details on a release date, but really only left us with a vague coming soon explanation:

RESTING PLACE this is a new figure I will release soon at OriginalFake and

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We figured that since it may be a while for us to get the resting place companion on our display mantle, we may as well reflect on all the times that our favorite celebrities were standing right along with their favorite companion or with their collection.

Take a look at the above gallery for a better look at the RESTING PLACE companion, as well as a few celebs with their standing KAWS companions in the gallery above!