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Dulé Hill hasn’t tap danced through life, but his journey has brought him to remarkable heights. 

In this exclusive video, we are taken through a day with Dulé, as he details all the things that have allowed him to have not only a successful tap career, but a successful acting career as well. 

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It isn’t often that one person dominated cross parallels of both dance and acting with distinction quite like Dulé has, making his story a special one. 

In this video, viewers are introduced to a distinct overview of Dulé’s rich appreciation for his heritage and ancestral history. The multi-talented Dulé details exactly how his ancestry relates to his craft and inspires the way he moves and lives throughout daily life.

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Shot in the famed Ms. Lily’s Jamaican restaurant, Dulé lets us in on not only his craft, but also on the artistry behind it and his quest to find inspiration in ever-changing surroundings.

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