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Michael Phelps has barely gotten the chance to wash the Olympic pool water out of his hair and he’s already leaving his swimming career behind. 

PHOTOS: Michael Phelps Ditches The Swim Team For A Night With His New Girl!

Aside from the news that the most decorated Olympian of all time has signed on to be the star of a reality TV show that will chronicle his professional golf training, Michael Phelps has also picked up a side gig as a model.

Yes, the fastest swimmer in the world is now the face of Louis Vuitton’s latest ad campaign. 

STORY: From The Pool To The Green: Michael Phelps Is Changing Careers

Famed photog Annie Leibovitz photographed the 27-year-old for the campaign. One of the shots features Phelps partially submerged in a tub of water (surprise, surprise) donning his swimming goggles on his head and sporting his normal uniform of a Speedo, while his Louis Vuitton duffle can be seen on the floor beside him. 

In the second shot from the ad, a suit-clad Phelps can be seen lounging and looking extremely dapper while sipping tea with Larisa Latynina, the gymnast who held the record for most Olympic medals prior to Phelps with 14 golds under her belt. 

How we would love to be a fly on the wall for that conversation!

Check out the photos in the gallery above. 


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