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Although it was originally reported that Jennifer Aniston’s dad, John Aniston, first heard the news of his daughter’s engagement via the internet, the real story has come out.

Us Weekly has the exclusive:

The truth is more complicated than that, Jennifer Aniston’s rep explains exclusively to Us. Her father knew about the engagement prior to Sunday night’s big announcement — but was wary of accidentally letting the secret slip.

He “thought he was being trapped on the phone so played dumb to be safe,” the rep explains exclusively to Us.

Glad that’s all straightened out!


News broke yesterday that Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux are engaged, and everyone could not be happier for the couple.

Apparently, we weren’t the only ones to find out about their engagement via the good ol’ internet, because Jennifer’s dad didn’t even know about it!

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Celebuzz contacted Jennifer’s father, John Aniston, to see what he had to say about the couple, which was when he found out about the news.

He told the site:

“It’s the first I’ve heard about it.”

“It’s a surprise to me. I’ll have to look online. When I find out more, I guess I’ll tell you!”

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John has said that he thought Justin was a “charming young man” before, so hopefully he’s happy for the two of them!

Do you guys think Jennifer should have told her father first?

SOURCE: Celebuzz