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Miley Cyrus sent shock waves through the blogosphere when she debuted her freshly chopped rock-star ‘do.

Though most of us were surprised over the abrupt transformation, we actually liked the final outcome!

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However, Tyler, the Creator begs to differ.

The Odd Future ringleader took to his Twitter account to express his P.O.V.:

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The 19-year-old, newly-engaged singer caught wind of the tweet only a few days later, and directly replied to the controversial emcee, stating:

Tyler then replied:

Though the words are aggressively charged, the back and forth between these two seems fairly innocent – especially since Miley decided to big-up Tyler’s sonic catalogue in the post script of her reply message. 

Miley Cyrus is built Ford tough!

Ease up, Tyler. Miley’s cut is DOPE!