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A coffee table engineered with a full arcade console gliding underneath is a geeky four-eyed wet dream. Surface Tension has raised the stakes in the functional design with The Arcane arcade table.  

It houses a hidden LCD screen 19” or 26” under the top glass surface to display the 100 licensed old school arcade bangers from Taito, Midway and Atari.  

The Arcane table is compatible with MAME (Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator) so dig deep in the closet for those cheat codes and prepare to slay it on Street Fighter, Crystal Castles, Super Mario, Asteroids and more.

Reincarnated from the dusty and bulky Megatron physique, is a handmade walnut or oak exterior with a sleek drawer for the controls which include high quality Sanwa joysticks and buttons, Happ light-up trackball, and a spinner. 

No game console is complete without banging audio capabilities, with a 30 watt built-in sound system, the neck-breaking knockout of Ryu’s power kick on Street Fighter is assured to be violently crisp and the trills of being eaten by snakes on Crystal Castles will ring with alarming danger while chasing the honey jar.  


Even when the game’s over, this state-of-the-art coffee table also doubles as a media center compatible with various computer systems and also the Sonos Zoneplayer, with a 500 GB hard drive speeding at 2GB ram and built in wireless capabilities. 

Windows and iTunes jukebox are already included in the software bundle making this a one-stop shopping piece for the tech-aficionado for both team Apple and PC.

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