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Always one to give her fans what they want, the effortlessly cool Solange Knowles just posted some new photos on her damn blog.

PHOTOS: Solange’s Topless Photo Brings All The Boys To The Yard!

After making the difficult decision to delete her Instagram, the Madewell model mommy now posts things exclusively on her blog.

In one photo, Solange is photographed with her hair braided while lying on the grass, with “Summer is forever mine” as the caption.

Another pic shows Beyonce lounging in a small bedroom with a bottle of alcohol in her hand. The caption reads: “NOW WHAT YALL KNOW ABOUT THEM TEXAS BOYZ.” 

Beyonce might not know a lot “Texas Boyz,” but she certainly knows about “New York Boyz.” 

PHOTOS: Solange Chucks The Deuces To Her Damn Instagram Page!

The last photo is a close up of Solange’s son, Daniel Juelz, one of the cutest pics of him we’ve ever seen!

Solange has a spectacular artistic eye, and we get can’t get enough of her photos. They make us feel like part of the in-crowd!

SOURCE: My Damn Blog