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Beanie Sigel, a dude who has been in this rap game since 1998, who was once part of the hottest click in the game, Roc-A-Fella Records, and who has already released four critically acclaimed albums, has never headlined a show at the legendary SOB’s in New York City.

This is stunning.

DETAILS: Hold Ya Head! Beanie Sigel Sentenced To 2 Years In Jail 

That unfortunate streak was broken last night, and GlobalGrind was in the crowd to see the monumental event.

The rapper, who has a new album dropping this Tuesday called This Time, hit the stage a little bit before 11:30pm, and rocked the arena for more than a hour, spitting out verse after verse.  

Beanie Sigel Feat. State Property “The Reunion” 

Highlights of the night included a spirited go of the Roc-A-Fella classic “What We Do,” the street banger “The Truth,” and a chilling performance of “Feel it in the Air.”

His rendition of “Feel It in the Air” was particularly somber, considering that he will soon be heading to jail for two years for tax evasion.  

At the tail end of the show, Beanie Sigel stopped the music. The rapper then went on a stretch where all the verses were a capella. This included a bone-chilling, detail-ridden new verse that will appear on This Time. It’s clear that even though Sigel has had his troubles, he has never lost the power of the pen. It’s also clear that Beanie Sigel can still provide a spark missing in hip-hop — no one in rap brings that mixture of lyricism and street knowledge that Sigel provides.

As the night started to wrap up, and the good folks at SOB’s were trying to get Beans off the stage, the MC still kept on rapping, spitting a capella verses off hood classics like “Built For The Trunk” and “I Don’t Do Much.”

It was clear he didn’t want to leave the stage — knowing we’re not going to be able to see him for a while. 

Check out some footage the homie Nigel D from RealTalkNY caught at the top of the page.