Both of Chavis Carter’s parents don’t believe the Jonesboro Police’s story that their son took his own life after being handcuffed in the back of a patrol car.

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Charles Douglas, the father of Chavis, told the Huffington Post that he doesn’t believe one word of the story told to him by the Jonesboro, AK police, saying it absolutely doesn’t make sense.

As reported by the Huffington Post:

“They could have told me anything, that he died in a car wreck or anything else. I can go for that,” Douglas said. “But suicide? I don’t believe it for one second.”

“My son was just beginning his life,” Douglas, 49, told The Huffington Post from his home in Tunica, Miss., where Carter spent most of his youth. “He just turned 21. He was hopeful. He wasn’t suicidal.”

“It doesn’t make sense, period,” Douglas, 49, said. “I’m not going to feel satisfaction until justice has been met. I don’t believe he committed suicide. Until we get justice, we’re not going to get peace. He’s not resting in peace, this won’t be over until he is.”

Jonesboro, Ark. Police insist that Chavis took his own life, going so far as to produce a reenactment video showing that it was possible for a person handcuffed to shoot himself in the head.

They are sticking to that story, as the FBI joins the investigation in order to delve deeper into the suspicious case.

As for the community, two rallies and a prayer vigil are planned for early next week in Memphis, Tenn., and in Jonesboro.

SOURCE: HuffPost

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