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Well… well… well! What do we have here?!

Last night Kim Kardashian posted some cute photobooth pics with her boo Kanye West, with silly effects on them that made the two look like an alien duo.

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At first glance it all looks like innocent fun but once you look closer it appears Yeezy has a rolled spliff in his hand, and is ready to blow down with his girl.

And she captioned the photo with one of her man’s lyrics:

“They’re calling me an alien a big headed astronaut…maybe that’s bc my boy Yeezy gets… “

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Earlier Kim complained of having a bit of a headache posting another photo with the caption, “I feel dizzy.”

It looks like Kanye found his girl just the right medicine!

Kim was once known as the prude of her family, not even drinking alcoholic beverages but she has sinced lightened up, enjoying a drink every now and then. Perhaps Yeezy has gotten her to loosen up even more!

Check out the lovebird’s cute photobooth pics in the gallery above!