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Today is the birthday of one of the greatest rap legends of our time. Happy Birthday, Mr. Smith, we appreciate you! I always tell people, ‘You know when you’re from Queens if you have at least five autographs from LL Cool J.’ That’s because he’s always in the neighborhood and he always stops and shows his fans love. Now, I’d like to return the love back and share some of my favorite songs from LL:

Rock The Bells-

Kandy: This song reminds me of Run DMC’s ‘Rockbox’

I Need Love-

Kandy: Everytime I hear this song, I imagine a bunch of teenage dudes singing this song lol.

Going Back To Cali-

Kandy: I played this song when I went to L.A for my birthday! Im a dweeb.

Jingling Baby-

Kandy: This song makes me think Old School Queens

Mama Said Knock You Out-

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