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Iggy Azalea may rap about that “Murda Business,” but she’s a lot girlier than she actually seems.

StyleHaul caught up with the Australian rapper and recording artist Kimberly Cole as the pair geared up for a photo shoot with famed celebrity photographer Brooke Nipar. 

MUSIC: Iggy Azalea “Burgundy Sh*t”

The video followed the musical duo throughout an entire day of shooting, giving viewers a behind the scenes look at Iggy and Kimberly gearing up in hair, nails and makeup for the shoot. 

The two seemed to have really good chemistry, and even reenacted a pants-dropping scene from grade school. 

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Throughout the video, the ladies dish on everything from their favorite looks from the shoot, to their lyrical inspirations. Then they close off with an impromptu dance number!

It’s great to see another side of Iggy’s personality. Check out the video above for a look at FM: StyleHaul featuring Iggy and Kimberly.