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Chef Roble has garnered quite a buzz since he premiered his self-titled reality show on Bravo. As one of the only chefs to ever reach such a pinnacle of fame at a young age, Roble has continuously impressed with his catering abilities and talent to deconstruct and reconstruct simple meals with flair. 

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GlobalGrind spent the day with Roble while he went produce shopping for ingredients to prep a catering session with Russell Simmons. 

Documenting the careful attention that Roble pays to not only his personal style, but also the styling detail Roble puts into his meals, gave us an inside look at just how intricate this chef’s craft really is. 

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From inception of the dinner menu to selecting the ingredients and prepping the meals, take a look at the video above to get an inside look at a day in the life of Chef Roble! 

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