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The first step to rehabilitation is admitting your faults – and that’s just what Chad Johnson has done.

VIDEO: Laying Low! Evelyn Lozada Cuts Off All Contact With Chad Johnson

The 34-year-old former wide receiver, who may now be sentenced to jail due to his altercation with ex Evelyn Lozada, has admitted his wrong-doing via Twitter. 

DETAILS: SAY IT AIN’T SO! Chad Johnson Could Face Jail Time?

After a fan revealed they felt bad for him, he responded:

Not only is he being honest with himself and facing reality, but Chad feels the need to start life on a new track. After completely deleting his Twitter bio earlier today, the 6’1 Miami native revealed:

Chad, who was accused of headbutting his wife Evelyn Lozada and subsequently dropped from his Miami Dolphins team, seems to be on the right track towards turning his life around!

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