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Today, we would have been celebrating the birthday of the late King of Pop Michael Jackson with tales of Peter Pan, Neverland and the boy who would live forever. But in the wake of his demise, there is only one thing to do: celebrate his life! 

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The day isn’t a national holiday (yet!) but who needs an excuse to inject some of the King’s style into their everyday look? 

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Michael became known for his over the top fashion displays in sequin jackets, penny loafers and white socks, but some of his most infamous outfits were built as additives to key wardrobe items. Want to get like Mike? Add these 5 MJ staples to your outfit whenever you feel like “Startin’ Something.” There is nothing wrong with taking inspiration from the greatest! 

The Red Jacket:

Sure, we know MJ had the red jacket with the zippers circa “Bad,” but what could a little update hurt? This red sequin jacket from P.A.R.O.S.H is the perfect additive to take the little black dress up a notch. 

The Glitter Romper:

How can you go wrong with this full-length romper? A new, glamorous update of the all black everything is the perfect way to channel MJ circa the “Rock With You” days. 

The Penny Loafer: 

Seriously, do we need to elaborate on this? Add a pair of white socks to these women’s Ralph Lauren penny loafers, cuff those pants and be on your moon-walking way. 


What is MJ without a glitter glove? These Givenchy updates scream “Remember the Time,” but you can wear both at the same time, we promise. 

The White Deep V:

Almost every single MJ outfit was built around a simple white t-shirt. Start the fan, and act like you’re in the “Black or White” video. Go ahead, do the crotch grab if you must.

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